The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is the leading Chamber in Ontario, with over 1900 members, the Chamber extends its network nationally. From Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and Labrador, the Chamber is affecting Canadians future. In 2009, we embarked on an aggressive program called Funny Money, a financial literacy presentation for High School Students in grades 11 and 12. With our Sponsors support (The Investor Education Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada), we had delivered this high energy and informative program to over 80,000 Canadian High School Students. Our Presenter and Author of the program James Cunningham, from Funny Money Inc., is the highlight of the program, engaging, entertaining and educational in one smooth motion. Thousands of Students from across the country as well as Teachers have come to embrace the elements of Funny Money, demonstrating that this program is making a difference and impacting an entire generation.

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is a committed organization, one that insists that government create an environment where business can prosper, grow and create opportunities. We are self defined as a prosperity building organization, wanting nothing short of wealth and prosperity for those we serve. We believe that more prosperity brings with it more opportunity for growth and wellness in our social fabric as well. Business is the only sector of society that actually produces wealth, government prints money but without business generating the momentum of earning, there would be no economy. While we are very much committed to a safe and healthy environment and society, we believe it is incumbant for government to create the best playing field it can, where business can freely create, develop and produce wealth for all Canadians.

We support freedom of speech, we support the ability of all Canadians to participate in the process of good, fair and beneficial legislation, not just the special interest groups. We believe that government is there to govern, develop legislation that has an underlying benefit to building a strong, vibrant and protected economy. We are sometimes outspoken in our blogs, and we will continue to be in order to send a clear and concise message that without business, the basics of what Canadians want, to be safe, healthy and prosperous are not achievable. Kudos to legislators that understand this, and to those who don’t, we will continue in our mission to convey the principled and concise messages of what is important to every Canadian, young and old, that business is the very foundation of what makes Canada, our Province’s and City’s great!

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