Welcome To The Region – American Airlines

Well, things just got a lot easier for business and pleasure travelers in the Waterloo Region. Congratulations to Chris Wood and his team at the Waterloo Region International Airport, to make sure we kept our “international” status. And of course, a great big WELCOME to American Airlines (American Eagle) who will be flying twice a day out of our Region to one of North America’s best hubs, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

This is absolutely fantastic news for our Region, the incredible convenience of traveling out of our local Airport is unprecedented and now we’ll be able to go anywhere in the world. As most of you will be aware, O’Hare is an incredibly busy place, much of that is because everyone flies in and out of O’Hare. Almost smack dab in the middle of North America, it simply makes sense for us to make our connections there.

The Greater KW Chamber, Guelph Chamber, Stratford Chamber and of course the Cambridge Chamber have already met with American Airlines officials to talk about the synergies of working together to make this a huge success for them. Collectively, our Chamber’s will work hard to make AA’s flights out of the Region a success, because we know this is a strong element in our quest for a more aggressive approach to economic development. Here we go, flyin high in the Region of Waterloo once again!

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