I’m Wrong Again!

Government simply never learns and in spite of continual condemnation, it always demonstrates so publicly and clearly how they just don’t learn that we, the taxpayer are extremely disappointed in how they manage things. I guess it’s because there seems to be no penalty when our funds are mismanaged, we must either keep electing the same people that make the same mistakes, don’t know any better either.

Here is the latest, the Region of Waterloo has pushed for Go Transit for years, first in Cambridge and then in Kitchener. Oddly enough, even GO itself must have a bit of a loose screw because it chose Kitchener before Cambridge. You see, anyone living in Cambridge going to Toronto, is not going to make a 40 minute drive into downtown Kitchener, to hop on a train that will take 2 hours to get into Toronto. However, it may have made sense for Kitchener folks, to make their way down to the 401 (like they do now) and hop on a train in Cambridge that would take about an hour and 15 minutes to get into downtown Toronto. Obviously I’m missing something, because folks, if you just read that and understood it, I have to say 100% of you would have to agree with me. That being said, as much as I’m very reluctant to do so, I will give GO the benefit of the doubt, there must be a good reason for that decision. On second thought, forget it, I can’t, GO I will maybe say, you bowed to political pressure and made a decision that didn’t make sense.

Now speaking of things that don’t make sense, the Region has pushed and pushed for this, saying the ridership is there, people are screaming about the need, thousands of cars are blocking highway 8 trying to get to the 401 and they made the case that the trains would be bursting at the seams. YET, they have just decided to implement some incentives, to get riders on the train,  and here they are; if you take the bus (GRT) to the train station, you will only have to pay a 50 cent fare (the rest of the taxpayers not using GO will pay the rest) and if you drive to the train station, you can park FREE (the rest of the taxpayers will pay for the lot maintainance).  570 News ran an informal opinion poll today, which asked how many times per week you would take the GO Train and oddly enough 84% said ZERO, 11% said once or twice, and only 3% said 5 or more times. These numbers speak volumes, maybe that 3% is a lot of people, I’m not sure, but overall if 100% of the taxpayers are being asked to subsidize the 3%, for a service that is already subsidized by the taxpayer, because if they charged the real cost of public transportation, no one could afford to ride it, am I wrong in questioning the brilliance of all this? If the Region desperately wanted GO service because there were thousands who said they wanted it, why would that same Regional Government have to use incentives to get people to use it? I am completely perplexed by this whole notion.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great we have GO coming to the Region. Yes there are folks who will use it, we know that from our studies here in Cambridge. My real concern is, we have very desperate issues at all government levels. We heard this morning at our Annual Mayor’s Breakfast from our Mayor, Stratford’s Mayor and Woodstock’s Mayor, that funding local basic infrastructure is falling behind. This folks is core stuff, that we need for business to grow, create employment and drive our economy. We heard from them that upper tiers of government have spending control issues, we can’t have more taxation, we need less, but with fruitless spending sprees like this, we’ll not see the end of it, till we’re at the end of our ability to pay. I’m not sure about you, but I am very, very close to not having enough anymore and it simply must stop. Somehow, those who agree with me, need to stand up and tell them we’ve had enough of the political gamesmanship. I really would have thought, with the global political, and government indebtedness issues, our politicians would be putting more thought into their spending decisions, as my wife would say, Greg, you’re wrong again!

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