Big, Bold, Idea Time!

I am quite confident that I’m not the only one who feels let down, disgusted and totally frustrated with our political leadership almost everywhere. In the US the Super Committee can’t seem to come up with any ideas, the Euro Zone is a total mess and it seems they can’t figure out what to do, locally, provincially and federally right here at home, there seems to be the attitude that we are ok, things aren’t that bad, so lets just try to stay under the global financial radar screen.

Folks, lets not kid ourselves, there isn’t a politician that doesn’t know what has to be done, there is no leader on the planet that is really sitting in a state of confusion. Every single one of them knows that we have abused the financial resources available to us. I guess, the silver lining for Canadian’s is that we have a stable, regulated and controlled financial banking system, but that will only carry us so far. Change doesn’t just have to happen in the US and Europe, it has to happen here as well, the problem is we seem to have elected weak knee politicians who favour relection over doing what’s right. Plain and simply put, taxes are bad! Taxes cripple businesses ability to invest in themselves which is the single most important action to take in order to increase productivity, which creates opportunity, which creates jobs, which generates wealth, which builds vibrant and caring communities. Taxes cripple the consumers ability to buy, which as we all know is about 70 to 80% of the total economy.

So, why does the government need all the taxes they take from our earnings? The simple answer is, we can’t be trusted to do the right thing with our wealth, we can’t be trusted to be our brothers keeper, we can’t be trusted to ensure our communities are caring, safe and compassionate, “we” won’t do the right thing, but government will? Government/Politics is the only industry where you can do a bad job and still make money, it’s the only industry that can have virtually no customer satisfaction at all and still prosper. The choices always seem to be painful, do you want surgery, a car accident or fall off a ladder, no matter what the choice its going to hurt, we just hope the surgery is minor, the accident is a fender bender or the fall is off a step-ladder not an extension ladder.

I have often tried to rationalize the actions of government/politicians, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they can’t be rationalized because they simply aren’t rational. I follow politics everywhere, I’m a political junkie I guess. One guy I like a lot is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, now vying for the Republican Presidential Candidate nomination. I’m not sure it’s all just his age, because he’s been shooting from the hip for years, he gets lots of support, but I think in the end people figure he’s just too rational to be President, his knees aren’t weak, he is just too “matter of fact” and for whatever reason people can’t figure out if he’d be major surgery or a sliver extraction, a ten car pileup or bump of a door in a parking lot, or slipping off the top rung or just missing that first rung. What I think everyone concludes though, he’d make some dramatic changes on how government/politics works.

So the result? We are to blame for the lack of leadership, we are terrified of change, would a flat tax be good for us? What about private/public healthcare? What about having a little trust in the people to do the right thing, and put more of their hard-earned money back in their pockets and cash registers through tax cuts and lets see how caring and compassionate we can be. I am not sure about any of these, are they right, wrong, I’m not sure, but they are big bold ideas that have surfaced before, only to get diminished by you and I content with being happy 20% of the time. I’m not certain what the right thing is, but I think we can all agree, change must happen and it is big bold idea time.

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