Let The Games Begin! The Political One’s That Is.

Well, well, well, here we are once again, just the third time Cambridge voters will go to the polls in less than a year. Last October we had the Municipal Elections, last June the Federal Election and now, well there is only one group left, the Provincial Elections are here. Bet you’re all whipped up about seeing lawn signs, having candidates knock at the door at just the WRONG time and of course, the ads that are on television, newspapers and roadside video signs. Here at the Chamber we welcome elections, in fact, we get all excited and you probably don’t know why. Well, it’s the only time we can get every single candidate from every single party to agree our strategies, our ideas and our thoughts are exactly how they feel. Ya, you can laugh, because I know what you’re thinking. You think that crazy Durocher is falling for the political jargon and promises again. Ahhhh, but you’re wrong, I don’t fall for it, I’m well aware that in nearly 100% of the cases in the past, they’ve agreed with us, but never followed through, however I’m optimistic in every single election that maybe this will be the one where we will elect a Party or Candidate that will actually follow through, or be straight enough with me to say they disagree. That’s me, the eternal optimist, and folks all I can say is, there is no more happiness than being an optimist. Everyone should think like that, everyone should say to themselves that it may have never happened before, but that hope is always there for our wish to come true. Will the Liberals take it again with a third consecutive majority government, will the Conservatives led by a young but accomplished leader get the comfy couch for four years, or, OR will the NDP popularity from the last Federal Election spill over to this Fall and get Ms. Horvath Elected to the comfy couch. Who knows, but what I do know is WE will be watching, listening, taking notes, making comments, providing information, offering suggestions and playing the game right along with them. So folks, let the games begin, nothing Olympic about this event, but lets hope Ontario wins the Gold, by having a government and representatives that will as well listen, heed, challenge and change the way we do business at the Provincial Government level!

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