Where Were Christina’s God Given Rights?

What a tragedy the events of January 8th in Tucson Arizona was, if for nothing else, the claiming of the life of a 9-year-old little girl, who had nothing but promise ahead of her. I have a 9-year-old little girl myself, and to think of this injustice simply makes me ache all over. What on earth did she have to do with the state of the economy, the correctness or wrongness of the healthcare system in the United States or for that matter even the immigration laws that seem to plague the US Congress. What on earth are the law makers thinking of when they allow anyone, sane or insane to carry anything on their person that could dramatically disrupt the lives of others or themselves. While some would describe me as a right-wing thinker, it would beyond me to think that in the 21st Century any government would suggest that it is a persons right to carry anything on themselves that could harm another human being. In listening to the reports this past weekend, one witness described his involvement of holding down the shooter, and had he known that the shooter had a knife on him as well, he would have drawn his own gun, as he said he was carrying one as well. Maybe it’s just because I’m Canadian, and simply couldn’t imagine carrying around a hand gun, but this sounds almost stupid, doesn’t it? How civil can society be if we allow people to carry weapons around with them to protect themselves or worse, deal with conflicts they may have. There you have it, insanity defined folks! There seems to be a moratorium on civility for the sake of what is a constitutional right. I know that some of the left-wing thinkers in the US have been blaming Sara Palin for this, as she had some ad out that put the cross hairs on District 8 in Arizona and it resembled the cross-hairs from the scope of a gun. Fact is, poor Sara is simply a product of the rhetoric of politicians today. In fact, I also saw and ad picture from the Democrat’s side that showed a picture of her, with cross-hairs on her forehead, and caption said, something like, no need to reload, get it on the first shot. I recall the day that Bob Rae’s NDP’s were defeated in Ontario, and the next morning it was reported that Mike Farnan the NDP Cambridge MPP at the time, he called the Harris campaign “mean-spirited”. It is not the mean spiritedness of the campaigns, ideas or agenda’s, it is the mean-spirited people who run, help on campaigns or even, sit in office. If our leaders can’t be the example of civility who can we expect will be? Sadly, we elect spoiled little children who can not have civil debate, who can’t simply talk about issues and hope that through this process all the best ideas will percolate to the top. No, we need to scream, holler, drop to the floor, kick our feet and scream. It is probably widely more popular in the US than here, but politicians are now trained well on how to motivate their supporters, they get them all wound up, in a rage, hot-headed, then let them loose to go cause the opposition havoc.  Then, a little 9-year-old girl gets her life snuffed out because some lunatic is all pumped up to cause change, as inspired to do so from a politician, all in the name of charging up their base. I was recently asked to throw my name in the hat of the political arena, just seems I’m a way too civil to participate in that game. Sure, I could go there to try and change things, but it’s like when the car slips into neutral and starts down the hill? Totally out of control now and nothing we can do to affect the outcome, except hope it hits something not important. I for one am embarrassed in our political leadership, they are at fault for any uprising of politically motivated violence, not just Sara Palin and not just her side of the fence, ALL, American or Canadian, foreign or domestic, none of them escape blame in this one. Are they any different from any other political or religious organization that inspires people to feverishly express their support, no, they are no different.  It would be wonderful if this were the only problem with our political leadership, but my wish is they will all grow up a little, and get this one right. We all should be appalled and embarrassed by them, we should inspire them to change their ways, make decision that at least resemble common sense.  And, please, we all should keep the family and friends of young Christina Green in our prayers and thoughts, the 9-year-old little life that was taken in the name of politics, what a tragedy, what an abomination of  justice and fairness. Who was there to protect her God-given right to live? Who did all they could to make laws to protect her and her rights? The answer is very clear, no one!

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