Is Decorum “The” Problem on Parliament Hill? Or Is It Our Kids?

Addressing this subject with a bit of “butt spanking” is long overdue, now “butt spanking” is strictly prohibited and not the preferred or accepted way in dealing with your childrens misbehaviours. Experts say that you need to sit down with your child, give them a calm, but firm talking to, have a discussion on why they did what they did and have them guide the process for punishment. I am certainly no child physcologist, nor could I ever be accused of actually following the “professional” advice, but it seems to me there always comes a point when the calm, rational, but firm converstation goes in one ear and out the other and it is time the old “lap chat” is in vogue. Well folks, have you tuned into and CPAC entertainment lately? Have you ever gotten a ticket, yes it takes a ticket now to get into Question Period on Parliament Hill. If you had of, and if they were your kids on national television acting like they do, you bet you’d be having the old “lap chat” in a hurry. Ever been to a minor hockey game and seen baserk parents going out of their minds yelling and screaming at the parents from the other team? Well, that is a better comparison to a quilting club dispute than it is to a Parliamentary Question Period session. There are 308, apparently intelligent community leaders who ought to be absolutely ashamed of themselves and their colleagues. Yes folks, there are 308 seats in the house, and you can count on ONE hand the number of them who haven’t said, done, or jestured something that would have incredibly embarrassed their own Mother”s. Mr. Harper, Mr. Ignatieff, Mr. Layton, Mr. Duceppe, your ALL EQUALLY to blame. You not only allow it, you encourage it, you not only watch it, I’ve seen each and every one of you applaud it, and that in itself should be embarrassing, because if your Mother’s were watching, they would have red faces and for that alone, shame on you. Gentlemen, with all do respects for the offices you hold, you act like the 4 school yard bullies, blatently and purposely wasting our hard earned tax dollars. I say wasting, because frankly, it is hard for us hard working Canadians to believe, anyone with your behaviour really has the intelligence to make decisions that are anywhere near useful for us. Is there any single member of the House of Commons who has watched a replay and actually gave the old “pumped up” signal as they wathced themselves verbally and emotionally abused a fellow Canadian on a nationally televised public program? Ladies and Gentlemen of the House of Commons, your a public embarrasment and because talking about it in the past hasn’t worked, I guess you need the old “lap chat”. You don’t deserve the prestiegious positions you have, Canada deserves much better. We are considered a warm, inviting and friendly country. One that welcomes and compassionately discusses how we can help those here at home and abroad who are less fortunate, we are globally praised for our sense of kindness. Yet in the very House, that governs all we do, that decides who and how we help, to a great degree sets the morality bar for the world to see, we have  a room full of people who act like they’d like to renovate that House and throw in some vines and trees to swing on and climb. It is time Ladies and Gentlemen that we call our Members of Parliament, we tell them we want rules, we want courtesy, we want what is always suppose to be there, “DECORUM”! We want a member who speaks out of turn, thrown out, second offence, barred for 2 days, third offence, barred for a week, fourth a month and fifth the entire session. Zero tollerance on personal attacks, interpreted by the Speaker, fines as well as barring, if you can’t act like an adult, then you can’t hold an adults office. Political Parties, do some due diligence on this very thing with your candidates, demand from party headquarters that your riding association can expell a candidate in or out of office who breechs proper protocol and Parliamentary rules. Look, the talking hasn’t helped, even the media writing about it hasn’t helped, its time to step up the game, put in some rules that protect people, make the process more productive, and give us our monies worth. The clock is ticking, we expect you to do something now or at the polls next time, maybe, just maybe this time the voters will give you the old “kick in the butt” right out of office.

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