Helena Guergis – Should Be A Wakeup Call – But It Won’t Be

I believe it was in 2007 or 2008 when Ms. Guergis was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, that the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce had her speak to our Membership. As I recall, she was reasonably pleasant, well-spoken and seemingly well-informed. Last night, Peter Mansbridge had about a 30 minute interview with her on CBC’s The National, and again she seemed very pleasant, well-spoken and fairly well-informed. I’m sure many Canadians saw that interview, Peter did an exceptional job at confronting the issues, and offering fair and reasonable time for her to spill her guts, so-to-speak. I was taken back quite frankly, she was so tender and sincere, I was perplexed at times, at how she could ever have gotten into such a mess. Then this morning, I re-read the article surrounding the Charlottetown Airport incident, and now actually believe Ms. Guergis missed her calling. She should not be in Ottawa, she should be in Hollywood. I suggest you read the media reports on the Charlottetown affair if you disagree with me, it is absolutely hard to believe it was the same person in that airport, that was on with Peter Mansbridge last evening. The vulgar abuse, physical tirade and elitist attitude displayed to those poor hard-working folks in Charlottetown was simply intolerable. They must have watched that CBC interview and asked themselves who on earth is that woman? Her antics at the airport would have been  just cause enough for the Prime Minister to remove her, he should have never let her continue, she should have been jacked out of the Minister’s office and the Caucus immediately, no Party or Government should ever tolerate that kind of unjust behaviour. Whatever else she did or did not do, really doesn’t matter. What happened in Charlottetown was purely put, ridiculous. There just can’t be one Canadian, Conservative or not, who would disagree with that, her behaviour was less than what we expect out of a 5-year-old bully. Unfortunately it actually speaks to a much bigger issue, Ms. Guergis is just the example of what is, what always has been and what will always be in Ottawa, Queens Park, it doesn’t matter which one, pick a place where, the people’s choices, sit around deciding the future of our Country or Province. They have a culture that has become a place/position of less than admirable choices. And for the record, it’s not just Conservatives, some of the most brutal abusers are across the floor as well. From Coast to Coast to Coast, every single Canadian should be totally embarrassed to have elected some of the most immature, self-centred, egocentric people on the planet. If you really want to ruin your day, watch question period in Ottawa or Toronto, it will truly bewilder you. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in the gallery in Queens Park and Parliament Hill, the only courtesy I saw was from the Security folks who welcomed me to the House, after that, it was all down hill, no pun intended. Not only is the decorum in the respective houses a deplorable mess, so is the attitudes and actions of our elected officials. Folks, this most public of political hangings of Helena Guergis, should be a wakeup call for them and us, but it won’t be, we voters have a short memory for some reason, those politicians are smooth and tactful, (surprisingly enough, given the age in which they act). We will continue to accept mediocrity, and that may be too much credit. We need not only to get smarter with our vote, we need to demand that if they want to represent us, they had better do it in a manner that represents us as a people. Canadian’s and Ontarian’s, are simply not like that, if you compare the actions of the house and its members with how the world sees us, you would think we picked the very worst to govern.  Since none of us can ever expect anything to change soon, I guess we can offer them some advice though, and Mark Twain wrote a line that fits this perfectly, to all elected people,  always do what is right, you will surprise some people and astonish the rest.

P.S. More on parliamentary decorum NEXT

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