Opening Up Global Markets

Opening up the opportunity for you to deal globally, sounds, is and can be, a near impossible task. Especially when your competition (in the global market) is seemingly bigger, wealthier and has sales staff all over the earthly ball. Well, it is all that, and it is difficult, just ask your competitor, because they were once exactly where you are. They had to reach out, take a risk and hope they landed feet first. The difference today is, you don’t have to spend a fortune, hire all kinds of staff, spend huge amounts of time and deplete your human and financial resources on a dream, you can do it with incredible precision and at a cost that will probably astound you. The Cambridge Chamber has jumped on the band wagon with the Winnipeg Chamber as a delegation leader and we hope to take 100 businesses just like yours to the wonderfully scenic Winnipeg Manitoba in October, ok, ok enough I know it’s not what you had in mind, but going to Winnipeg in October just goes to show you, this is all about business. Centrallia 2010 is happening, where enrolled companies will be matched directly with businesses wanting the very products and services they offer, and a minimum of 12, 30 minute meetings will take place. What you do with the 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with a potential customer is your business, if it were mine, I’d maximize that half hour and get a new customer. They will know what you do, so selling them on the idea won’t be necessary, selling them on you is paramount. Folks, human beings generally do business with people they know and trust, and any time wasted on anything else, is, well, wasted time. For $700 plus travel and accommodation, you could be sitting down with 12 of the 500 businesses coming to Centrallia already, who want to do business with you, who traveled from Europe, Asia, South America, the US, and elsewhere, who spent money to find a supplier that meets their needs, internationally. And, I’m looking over the registration list now, and YOU are not registered. There is a bit of a process, we have to conduct a face to face interview with you, but any effort and this small amount of cash has to be an advantage of unprecedented heights. Check out Centrallia by going to our website and click on Web TV. It’s going to be fantastic, it’s an event you just can’t miss.

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