Is There Finally a Healthcare Solution In The U.S?

I was always a pretty big fan of the U.S. political system, not because of the corruption that seems to exist, or the infidelity of its participants (which really leads one to question the sincerity of those engaged), but rather because of the non-partisan ability of Congress and the Senate. I liked the fact that if you went against the grain, you didn’t get beaten up and shoved off the bus, unlike here in Canada. It always bothered me that the perception in Canada is, if the leader says stand, you stood or faced the consequences. Well, this really isn’t my topic for today, but I needed to clarify that on the surface I like the way the political system works in the U.S. That being said, it appears there is a major breakdown in political principles there right now. Everyone seems to be either excited or dismayed at the results of Congresses decision to support the “new and improved” healthcare system. However, is the hurdle still the Senate? My gosh what a seemingly impossible process. Now don’t look to me for answers on whether this latest edition is great, I’ve lost track of the changes and amendments that have been put in. And thanks to the crazy U.S. process, there may even be a bridge or two in the final document that has to be funded as well. Talk about a goofy system, whew, thank goodness we have an obviously faster parliamentary system in place, at least if there is something important like healthcare, well it has a chance without being totally dismantled and changed before it becomes law. The President says it’s good, however the public option that he so wanted, is not contained in the bill. And so the saga continues, no wonder the American public have no idea what law makers passed, no one does, and as scary as it might seem, maybe even Congress has no idea anymore. So why am I writing about this when it really doesn’t affect us Canadians? Ah, because it does, do you think now with a broadened system in the US, where some 30 million more people are going to be on the system, it won’t create a demand for more healthcare providers? And where will they come from? Canada perhaps? Like we don’t have our problems now attracting Doctors and Nurses to our communities, this might make it even more of a concern for us. We will see, it still has to get through the Senate. Will they be making changes to start the whole process over? Who knows, apparently the healthcare system isn’t the only broken structure in the US. It’s taken them forever it seems to get this far, lets see if those folks in the US without healthcare, will ever get it.

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